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Surface Voltage Logging System PT-SVLS

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Enables surface voltage measurement during E-Coat operation

PT-SVLS is an easy-to-use surface voltage logger system with a rugged enclosure and reliable measurement accuracy.

Providing visibility on the target surface, it is ideal for trouble shooting and evaluating the coating process of a new target.

Features of PT-SVLS

  • Easy Setup 
    The simple design allows for operation right out of the box, complete with quick setup and easy node placement.
  • Leak-proof Enclosure Sealing 
    Since this logger system usually is submerged in the E-Coat tank with the target, sealing is crucial. The ferule clamp structure provides a leak-proof seal.
  • Easy Enclosure Cleaning
    A special coating is applied to the enclosure which allows for easy cleaning of the E-Coat paint.
  • 8 Probes
    The system has 8 probes to allow for multiple locations to be evaluated during a single test run.
  • Easy Probe Placement
    Each probe has a magnet, allowing for easy placement on the target.

  • Try it before purchasing
    For the customers who are interested, we lone out a system for pre-purchase evaluation.

How it works

The sensor is placed on the target's area in question, and the system logs the surface voltage after it is divided by 1/1000 via the voltage divider unit. 
ex: If the surface voltage is 300V, the voltage at the logger terminal is 0.3V.
Sampling Rate (default): every 1 second

Specifications of PT-SVLS

Data Logger System
Category Specification
Data Logger LR8431
Battery Pack 9780
Memory Card (CF) 9727 256M
Channel No. 8 Channels
Sampling Rate 1sec (adjustable to 10ms)
Data format CSV (for 1 sec)
Charging AC Adapter AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Voltage Divider Unit
Category Specification
Dividing Factor 1000:1 (300V Input, 0.3V Output)
Channel No. 8 Channels
Voltage Measurment Probe
Category Specification
Probe Material SUS304
Cable Type KIV 600V 5m
Count 8
Enclosure Case
Category Specification
Type MCS-8
Material Main:SUS304, Base Covered with PVC,  O-ring:FKM

Reading in the data

● The measurement data is stored in the CF card of the logger system.
● The Data format is CSV, allowing easy data import using spreadsheet software (when the data format is changed to binary, the sampling rate can be increased to 10ms; however, it requres logger manufacturer's software for viewing/processing).