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Our Motto

"Customer Focus" and "Work starts after commisioning" is our two key principles in our customer support. E-Coat line often faces many unforseen challenges. We understand that "Thanks for buying, good bye" will make us a poor partner. Based on our expertise we have honed over the years, we will provide support for issues after E-Coat line commissioning, including difficult product degredation assessment. Our support does only include product service, we also support solving E-Coat finishing issues and other challenging problems.

Product Service

In order for product to operate reliably for long time, periodic maintenance is essential. We support our customers through variety of mainternance services. We will also adivce for preventitive maintenance and perform product life assessment.

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Problem Solving

We also provide problem solving for E-Coat line issues such as finishing problems. E-Coat line finishing issues can be caused by various factors from poor pre-processing/treatment quality, poor rinse quality, improper E-Coat Paint maintenance, System problems, non-ideal System operation, etc. With our experience and technical understanding we will analize the problem from various angles and contribute in solving our customer's problems.

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