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Anolyte Control System AS Series

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The Anolyte Control System automatically controls the anolyte conductivity and incorporates all the necessary components, thus making the instruments selection and extra design work unnecessary.

The Anolyte Control System is critical part of the membrane electrode operation. When the process quantity increases, the anolyte conductivity increases. In order to maintain proper operation, the anolyte system must circulate the anolyte at an appropriate rate and  discard the anolyte when necessary to keep the conductivity within the desired range.


Methods used for discarding the anolyte

1.Discard via the overflow mechanism. DI water supply valve opens when the upper conductivity level is detected.

2.Discard up to predefined surface level when upper conductivity limit is detected. Replenish DI water to the predefined upper surface level. Less amount of DI water is required than method No.1.


Type AS100 AS200 AS300 Custom
 Number of Tectron® Units ~10units ~40units 40~60units Any
Anolyte circulation pump power  0.2kW  0.4kW 0.75kW 0.75kW 1.5kW Any
Anolyte Tank  100L 200L 300L Any
Conductivity Meter 0~1000µS/cm  0~1000µS/cm 0~1000µS/cm  Any
Anolyte flow meter  30L  50L  100L 100L 150L 200L  Any