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Having problems with fungi growth in anolyte?

Our APLEX BS was designed specifically to reduce the fungi growth in the anolyte. It is both economical and easy to use.  

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The cause and effect of fungi growth in E-Coat Line

Fungi (sometimes called bacteria, etc) grwoth in membrane electrode's anolyte happends when the the fungi are present in the source water of anolyte, or fungi make its way via airborne. It is understood that fungi growth happends when well water is used for the anolyte source water or industrial water, or otherwise the E-Coat process is near water rince paint booth or near processes that use cutting oils.

When fungi grows in the anolyte and is left alone, it will eventually negatively impact the E-Coat line so early treatment is recommended.
① When anolyte circulation is reduced/blocked, the concentration of metal ions and other chemicals increase in the anolyte inside the membrane shell. This leads to further corrosion of the SUS anode and increases the resistance of the membrane, which reduces the product life.
② When the membrane cloggs (increasing the membrane electrical resistance), it reduces the electrical current and thus less E-Coat film thickness.

APLEX BS prodcut highlights and specifications

  • It is powder type and contained in a nonwoven fabric bag. The content gradually melt from the anolyte flow and releases the chemicals into the anolyte. It can maintain bactericidal effect for long periods.
  • The bactericidal ingredients are similar to ones used in the E-Coat and glues, and even if it leaks into the E-Coat bath it will not be the cause of cratering.
  • PRTR is not applicable.
  • Does not contain formalin nor organic solvents (contains no VOC)
 Form/Shape:  Navy colored nonwoven fabric bag
 Main ingredient:  isothiazoline type bactericide
 Size:  130mm x 200mm
 Weight:  around 100g
 Dispense Method:  Ingredients gradually melt and releses into anolyte (the bag does not melt)
 Laws:  not listed and not applicable

Usage and Caution

① Take out APLEX BS bag from polyethyline packaging.
② Put the APLEX BS bag in a net or basket where anolyte returns. One should use 1 bag per 200~300L anolyte tank (about 1000~3000L (time units???) of anolyte source water replacement).
③ Once ingredients have mostly melted away (takes about 1 month), replace it with a new APLEX BS bag.

Before the start of APLEX BS use, empty the anolyte tank and clean the tank and the anolyte piping. 
*APLEX BS is a preventitive measures for algae growth, and does not remove the exisiting algae growth.
・When handling use rubber gloves and do not contact directly to skin. Please wash well if contact to skin.
・Do not break the unwoven fabric bag (APLEX BS bag).
・APLEX BS is posionus to aquatic organisms, so make sure it does not leak in to environment.
・When storing please avoid direct sun light and high temperatures.